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You're a young journalist who’s trapped inside a mysterious mansion with his former classmates, and one of them is the murderous master-mind.

Explore, search for clues, gather testimonies, and find out who the killer is. Everybody’s a suspect! Your only true ally: irrefutable evidence.


James Watson used to be an ordinary young journalist who happened to enjoy reading novels, but a mysterious accident that left him amnesiac changed his life from one moment to another. Now, he doesn't remember any of his close relatives - not even his own loving girlfriend.

Not too long after the accident, he is invited to a "class reunion" party, which is going to reunite all of his old friends from high school in an old manor located in the outskirts. Thinking that this might be a good opportunity to remember events from his past, he decides to attend with his girlfriend; he surely was not expecting that they would end up trapped inside while being witnesses of a hideous death bath. In the turmoil of panic and despair - and without remembering any of your old classmates - there's no one you can trust: everybody has become a suspect...

If you want to escape from the murderous master-mind that is lurking in the dark, you must use all the power of your deductive logic.

Key Features

  • Explore a big and complex mansion in a gorgeous, realistic  3D environment.
  • Search for clues and objects to pick up - they may become useful later on.
  • Talk to former classmates, get to know them, and learn about your forgotten past.
  • Investigate crime scenes, and put your detective skills to the test in the hunt for evidence.
  • Refute lies and uncover the truths in heated debates; anyone can be the culprit, and it's up to you to figure out who.


Made by the following students from the Image Campus institute in Argentina:

  • Elia, Octavio - Art Direction
  • Ibarra, Santiago - Environment Artist
  • Laiño, Emiliano - Sound Designer
  • Mosconi, Ignacio - Technical Leader
  • Nuñez, Gaspar - Game Designer
  • Perugini, Leo - Producer / 2D Artist
  • Provenzano, Pedro - Music Designer

The game was also possible thanks to the support of the following professors:

  • Baretto, Sergio
  • Magariños, Roy
  • Taboada, Eugenio
  • Vergez, Andrés

Install instructions

  1. Decompress the zip file.
  2. Run the executable.
  3. Be ready to be trapped inside the mysterious mansion...


Among_Suspects_v0.14.zip 967 MB


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